As much as I've enjoyed making the larger Zombeiz, I am dedicating myself to making Z PODZ for now. I will continue to expand and develop these fun li' zombies. I appreciate all of those that have stuck around for these past several years and hope to continue to bring a smile to your face. Come join my Facebook to see when ready to adopt ZPODZ are posted on my Etsy shop. Thank you for stopping by. 

 Zombeiz Facebook!

Welcome to the land of the original ZPODZ created with love by Zombeiz LLC! These are one of a kind adoptable zombie plushies that you customize. Each ZPODZ arrives snug in it's own little podling for when it's time to sleep. They are about 3 inches and tiny enough to take along almost anywhere. ZPODZ love to travel! You can design your new little friend and even give them a personality. Most Importantly, with each adoption fifty cents goes to help others in need. July 17th of each year is Zombeiz day of choice to give back. Check out the ADOPT page to start adopting your very own.  I post ready to adopt ZPODZ on Etsy

Please check out my  "Wall of Brains"  and  Etsy for what Zombeiz lovers are saying!


We're Zombeiz with a heart that need loving homes.

We won't eat your brains nor will ever roam.

 We just want snuggles and to always be loved,

We hog your pillow and never judge.

 We're cuddly and sweet so it seems,

We give back to others and never are mean.

 Each one of us is different and unique in a way.

We want to be adopted and love to play.

 Zombeiz will bring a smile and much joy,

Whether you adopt a  little girl or a little boy!