💚 Thank you all for taking a looksie at Zombeiz. Please message me if you have any questions. The Zombeiz lab is now open for adoptions! 💚

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Welcome to the land of the original ZOMBEIZ! These are one of a kind adoptable baby zombies. Each precious bundleiz of green fluff is hand created to be an 'imperfect' yet adorable plushi to snuggle and adore. Zombeiz arrive with an adoption certificate complete with their very own re-birthday and name tag. A number of Authenticity is attached as well. Most importantly, with each adoption fifty cents goes to help others in need. July 17th of each year is Zombeiz day of choice to give back. You may follow us on https://www.facebook.com/zombeiz for updates, and fun filled events. Check out the ADOPT page to start adopting your very own! If you've already adopted a Zombeiz and need accessories, come visit my Etsy shop! Also Zombeiz Puffs and Zombeiz in a Bottle are back on Etsy.

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We're Zombeiz with a heart that need loving homes.

We're not into brains, raiding houses or will ever roam.

 We just want snuggles and to always be loved,

We'll embellish your room, hog your pillow and never judge.

 We're one of a kind zombies, so it seems,

We give back to others and never are mean.

 Each one of us is different and unique in a way.

We want to be adopted and always love to play.

 Welcome to the world of Zombeiz, we hope to bring you much joy,

Whether you adopt a zombie little girl or a zombie little boy!

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